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Throughout the Pacific Ocean and all of its islands, for many years a root known as Kava has been used to bring relaxation and a tranquil peace of mind. Today this herbal supplement is used all around the world and still allowing people who are stressed to have relaxation. Some have even replaced drinking alcohol and now drink Kava Kava tea. Before you begin drinking this tea, it is important that you know and understand how to properly mix the drink as well as the pros and cons about using this form of Kava.

To have the best experience while drinking Kava Kava tea, it is a good idea to understand how to prepare this drink. But be aware that this is for medicinal purposes and will not necessarily be a good tasting drink. Most people say that this tea is quite bitter and can cause nausea if you are used to it. To have the strongest tea, you should use Kava root that has not been dried. Dry Kava will reduce the intensity of the product. To make tea, there is a powder form of Kava that will work the best. Keep in mind an ordinary tea will steep at around 180 degrees Fahrenheit. But to keep the strength of the Kava root you will need to only allow it to get up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are many pros to drinking Kava tea. You may drink it to feel relaxed and reduce the stress you have had during your day. In some areas, Kava is used to help children who suffer with hyperactivity to calm them down. Other pros about this substance are that it is not addictive and it is completely legal. You should research more about how Kava can help you with depression, anxiety and other aches and pains that you may have.

The cons of drinking Kava Kava tea are few and far between, but can be of real concern. Make sure that you careful know what part of the Kava plant is in your tea. The leaves and stems of the plant can actually make you ill and give you liver problems. The best results come directly from the root of the plant. Also, if you do not steep this tea correctly you might be limiting your amount of Kava intake that you are actually receiving from the tea. There is little cause for concern because the pros of drinking Kava Kava Tea greatly outweight the cons.

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